10 Things You Need to Know About Joining the Military

I know many people have mixed feelings about joining the military, or maybe they’re scared?

Well fear not, there are many benefits of joining the military.

“The Military is not that different than having a normal job or career in the civilian sector.”

Here are 10 things you need to know about joining the military:

  1. The Military is a career. Before choosing that career, ensure it’s something you can utilize on the outside. Becoming a parachute rigger may have little or no value on your future outside of the Military. additionally you get raises with each new rank, for length of time served, and a yearly raise for inflation.
  2. The Military has its own culture. Everything you used to do, or how you used to be back “on the block” is obsolete. Adapt to your new culture and you will thrive.
  3. The Military isn’t hard. Be at the RIGHT place, at the RIGHT time, in the RIGHT uniform, with the RIGHT attitude, and you can’t mess up.
  4. You have bosses just like any other job. Be respectful and do what you’re told. Unless it’s illegal, immoral, or unethical, it’s a legal order.
  5. Bases have just about anything you need, it’s a city of its own. Shopping, Fire Departments, Food, Hospitals, Childcare Services, Parks, Recreations etc. are all on base.
  6. The benefits are well worth it. You are guaranteed a paycheck twice a month, you and you’re family have health insurance, you get paid housing and food allowances for your dependents. You get college money for joining. You get tuition assistance while in the Military and you don’t even have to touch your GI Bill. Also, after providing the required years of service, you can transfer your college money to your dependents.
  7. You gain both knowledge and experience to be competitive in the civilian world. You think a bachelors degree with no experience is going to get you a high paying job?
  8. It’s teaches you leadership and management. The Military is structured and disciplined. You can gain the necessary tools to become a great manager.
  9. When you retire, you get your retirement pension immediately (Active Duty Only). No need to wait until your 65.
  10. The Military will pay for your future career. Do you want to be a Doctor, Optometrist, Lawyer, Social Worker, Nurse? The Military has programs for it all, and the best thing, it’s free, you just have to repay you’re time.

If you don’t have plans for the future, don’t have college money, or are struggling to make a career or find a job, or maybe you just want to travel the world and see new things, the Military might be a good option for you. I highly encourage you to study for the ASVAB, your scores from this test determine which Occupational Specialties you can choose.

I hope these 10 things you need to know about joining the military are helpful to you.

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