Now what?

Am I supposed to introduce myself? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Somebody please explain to me the etiquette of blogging. 

I’m a 29 year old Florida girl turned stay at home momma to six of the craziest, but most amazing little humans and wife to my soul mate. I run on coffee, lots and lots of coffee, sarcasm and cuss words. 

I think I’ll keep my intro short and sweet and get right into this bloggin’ thanggg. ☺️

My daughter had a repeat MRI (her third) done two weeks ago and I cannot stop worrying about what the results are. Hoping and praying that this one shows everything clear. 

See, almost one year ago on her birthday, her seventh birthday, I went in her room so excited to wake her up, kiss and hug her sofa king hard and sing her happy birthday. However, when I went to walk into her room, my whole entire world was flipped upside down. 

We met each other in the hallway, and her speech was unrecognizable. I knew something was not right! She had lost coordination in her right hand, and then her whole right side. I was completely freaked out and sent her in to see her dad (who has medical training) while I called 911. He told her to climb up on our bed, but she couldn’t. She would climb and then fall, climb and then fall. He picked her up and sat her on our bed. At this point, the right side of her mouth started twitching, and then that’s when it happened. My sweet baby girl had a seizure right before EMT walked into our house. So many thoughts and emotions came over me. How could this happen to my baby girl on her birthday

In the ER, they did a CT Scan and blood work and everything came back fine. I was so annoyed and upset that we had no answers.

Fast forward to four days later. School was cancelled, so the kids were home for the day. We did crafts, chalked, had a picnic and played out side. Everything was so good!

 I had just finished packing my daughters lunch for school the next day and told her to put it in the fridge. But when I asked her where she had put it (on the stairs), she said, “I don’t know”. I told her to get it and she came back with her lunchbox. When I asked her why she put it on the stairs, again she said, “I don’t know”. I started to get nervous. This wasn’t her. I told her to go see her dad and she walked over to the couch and sat down next to him. He asked her what she had done that day. She said, “I don’t know”. I called 911 and that’s when she just stopped talking. She was just looking around, spaced out, like she was in a completely different world. This time was so different than the first time. So much scarier! EMT came and she still wasn’t talking. She couldn’t even shake her head when they asked her if she knew her name, where she was, or if she knew me. 

I remember riding in the ambulance on the way to the ER and them asking if she could tell them who I was and her looking at me, just starring at me, looking so lost. It broke my heart, like broken on another level. When they sat her on the bed in our room in the ER, the left side of her mouth started twitching and then she had her second seizure. 

They did another CT Scan and still nothing. At this point, a couple of hours had past and she could finally shake her head when the Doctors and nurses asked her if she knew who her dad and I were. She ended up falling asleep for another hour, give or take, so I rested my eyes on the chair next to my husband. I heard her moving around, so I opened my eyes. I remember walking over to the bed, looking at her and being so scared that she wouldn’t talk. She smiled at me, and the first words out of her mouth were, “mommy, I love you”. Y’all, I still to this day cannot even express how much joy I felt when I heard those three words! 

They transferred us to a Children’s Hospital, where they put her on Keppra twice a day, did more blood work, a MRI and EEG. Her EEG came back normal, but her MRI came back with swelling in her temporal lobe. A bunch of Doctors came in her room, to tell us that they were diagnosing her with epilepsy. They were amazed with how she was sitting up and coloring and reading hours after her second seizure. She amazed us all! She was so brave and smiled her gorgeous smile through it all. 

Fast forward a few months later, to her second MRI. Those results came back showing that the enchepilitas had spread from her temporal lobe to her frontal lobe. At this point, these MRI results were all we had (and still all we have). They referred us to Infectious Disease, which was a complete waste.

She has been on her Keppra twice daily since October 12, 2016. She hasn’t had any more seizures, thank God. I’m so anxious, yet so nervous to see what this recent MRI says. 


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